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Most Investors Do Not Understand How Investment Fees Work

The Problem


Investors are inherently in the dark about the fees, costs and expenses buried deep in their investment products. Accumulating fees can rob you of your financial future.

The Profits


The profits made by financial institutions in the United States run in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually since the great recession. Some studies have found that a significant portion of those profits are made from fees that are hidden and excessive.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help Investors earn significantly more return on their investment by helping them save money on Investment Fees. 


One Clients IRA Account at a Major Bank/Broker Dealer. 

He'll Keep More of What's His for Retirement.

Starting Value 


Annual Advisory Fee


Annual ETFs and Mutual 


Annual Total Fees and Expenses 


Total Fees in 10 years w/avg 7% growth per year


Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund


Savings by switching to Vanguard



Fee Detective is not an Advisory firm or a Broker Dealer. We do not provide Investment Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q–Why is Saving Money on your Investment Fees so Important?

  • A–Over time, your Investment Fees will grow with your account and while your account may fluctuate, your fees will accumulate.

  • Q–Who agrees with these assumptions? 

  • A–Warren Buffett, Charles Schwab and Vanguard all promote the Value of Reducing Investment Fees.

  • Q-What is a Fee Investigation?

  • A-A Fee Investigation is an examination of your investment statement, disclosures and publicly available information. We search for ALL fees, hidden and known and report back the total amount your fees will cost you over your holding period.

  • Q-What does Fee Detective charge?

  • A-We charge a one time consulting fee of $150.

  • Q-Why would I pay you to find fees I can probably find myself?

  • A-The recent rollback of regulations have allowed financial institutions to become more opaque about the true cost of all fees. We dive deep into ALL available disclosures to produce maximum accuracy on accumulating fees in your comprehensive report.

  • Experience-"I have been in the Financial Industry working on Wall Street as a Registered Representative, Registered Principal, Licensed Insurance Agent and Registered Investment Adviser for Three Decades." 

  • Robert M. Mennella Founder

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